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‘I have 20 years bookkeeping experience to TB’ – feel free to use abbreviations like TB for Trial Balance, you are speaking your target markets’ langauge. You are displaying a degree of confidence in that you are happy to be exactly who you are. On the other hand, creating a trading name will let you advertise what you do. If your name was June Smith, then name your business June Smith Bookkeeping Services. If you are sixteen and over, self-employed and making a profit befitting the ‘small profits threshold’, you are liable to pay national insurance. However, if it matches a name in the system, you may have to choose a different name.

Are bookkeeping business profitable?

Starting your own bookkeeping business can be pretty profitable. There aren't significant barriers to entry if you already have experience. Aside from technical skills, you just need a computer, internet connection, and place to work.

It’s important to do your research before starting out so you’re clear about the path you want to follow and the goals you’d like to achieve. That means you can work with your clients in real time to go over their bookkeeping and highlight any queries with ease. And by using a cloud accounting solution, you’ll be able to access the numbers on any device, wherever you are. Thinking about starting a business or already putting your ideas into action? We’ve got the resources, expertise and software to help you achieve your goals.

File bank statements and invoices in order

Blissfully simple accounting software perfect for small businesses. You’ll need bookkeeping insurance as you’re providing an essential service for businesses. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you against claims made by unhappy retail accounting clients and your employees. The reason why you need to comply with money laundering regulations is that as a bookkeeper, you need to satisfy a legal requirement to spot and reduce the risk of your clients laundering money.

  • To give you an idea of what it involves once you are up and running, the average number of clients per bookkeeper is around 30.
  • For example, if your annual turnover is £100,000, it is recommended you spend between £1,000 and £3,000 per year on marketing.
  • Most small businesses with an income of £150,000 or less can use cash basis reporting.
  • Our range of payroll software for employers makes payroll simple and ensure accurate and timely pay runs.
  • Having said that, there are a number of recognised qualifications that can make it easier to attract clients and charge a higher rate.
  • Taking it at face value makes it look like a simple act of kindness.

To increase your likelihood of gaining custom, you should target businesses that need to outsource their bookkeeping. This is likely to be larger, more established businesses. Checking and verifying payments against bank statements and other records. For example, if your business is related to publishing services and books, you would be assigned SIC Code 58110.

Profit and loss accounts

The same amount of people (51%) said that it adds personality to the small business. The study by the insurer has shown that 28% of customers are more likely to shop with a small or local business if it has a funny or witty name. Your business plan should look at every aspect of your business and all the possible ways you can maximise your profits and encourage growth.

bookkeeping business names

Your customers could form their first impressions of you based on your name. If you’re a sole trader, you don’t have to create a name for your business. But if you feel like getting creative, you’re free to give your business a new title if you wish to. Planning your bookkeeping business and creating a one-year, three-year and five-year plan can be pivotal to the success and growth of your business. Having clear business objectives and a business plan can make your business more likely to succeed. Creating a detailed and effective business plan is an important step in ensuring the success of your bookkeeping business.

Our simple process

You should ensure the storage you opt for is password protected and encrypted. You should also ensure everything is backed up externally to protect the information in the event of a technological issue. The cost of cloud storage can vary significantly, depending on the amount of storage you need.

Being your own boss gives you the opportunity to control the growth of your business, manage your own time, and gain more self-confidence and job satisfaction. Owning your own bookkeeping business also means that all your profits will belong to you, and you will be in control of creating your ideal business. Many of the programmes, software and other subscriptions your business will require will have a monthly or annual subscription fee you will be expected to pay. Depending on which subscriptions you require and the specifications of the ones you choose, expect to pay a minimum of £40 per month, although this could rise as high as £200 per month. Rather than dealing with paper receipts or clients that can’t find physical copies, digital receipts allow you to keep electronic copies and store them safely. You can send clients their receipts via email and receive receipts from their outgoings and invoices.

What is business insolvency and how do I deal with it?

To ensure your bookkeeping business attracts clients and earns an income, it is recommended that you spend between 1% and 3% of your annual turnover on marketing. For example, if your annual turnover is £100,000, it is recommended you spend between £1,000 and £3,000 per year on marketing. You could register with an accountant’s office, rent some space in a co-working facility or employees’ association, or use any number of online platforms that provide virtual office services.

  • If it’s literal, it often has higher consumer recall which may be good if you’re looking to establish your new business.
  • Companies House Online costs£12, and applications are usually processed within 24 hours.
  • You’ll need receipts to substantiate your claims from HMRC, so keep them stored somewhere safe and organised in different business categories.
  • You will find that these people only advertise occasionally because most clients come from recommendations.
  • When setting up your bookkeeping business, you will need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment to run your business and complete all of the required tasks.
  • You can also advise on accounting software options to make this easier.
  • A smaller practice doesn’t mean a less challenging environment.

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