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10 Things You Never Knew About Christine Royce In Fallout: NV

So soon after the eleventh anniversary of Fallout: New Vegas, players have been reminiscing about what made the game such a memorable experience for them. Obsidian’s foray into the Mojave Wasteland often stands out as the best Fallout game for many fans, beating out Bethesda’s entries in the series and sometimes even the originals.

With so many unique NPCs and locations, it’s easy to see why. Christine Royce is yet another character from the DLC whose story becomes intertwined with that of the Courier and she can shed some more light on the events transpiring in Dead Money and what lead to them. But there are some things about her even hardcore Fallout fans might not know.

10 She Is Shorter Than Most NPCs

Christine Royce In Sierra Madre Suites' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Christine-Royce-In-Sierra-Madre-Suites.jpg

It might not be immediately obvious upon meeting her, but when compared with other NPCs in the game Christine is noticeably shorter than all of them.

Indeed, she has actually been set to just 92 percent of regular height, the same way Jean-Baptiste in the Silver Rush has increased height to give the impression that he towers over the player.

9 She Developed Claustrophobia In The Auto-Doc

Christine Inside Auto-Doc' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Christine-Auto-Doc-1.jpg

When players first find Christine, she is trapped inside an Auto-Doc and emerges without her voice. She is unable to speak until regaining her voice at the end of Dead Money, where she explains that she was actually stuck in the medical machine for two whole weeks.

The Auto-Doc apparently repeated the procedure over and over again. She is clearly agitated when speaking about the ordeal and she also becomes uncomfortable with having to enter the elevator at the switch station, requiring the Courier to either comfort and reassure her or force her to enter.

8 She Was Bald Before The Events Of Dead Money

Christine Speaking To Player' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Christine-Sierra-Madre.jpg

During the bulk of the DLC when Christine cannot speak, players will require high stats to be able to communicate with her and understand what she is trying to say.

During one of the interactions, the Courier may infer that she received her scars from a similar Auto-Doc to the one in the Sierra Madre and it can be assumed her hair was shaved in the process. However, Christine will correct them and try as best she can in her mute state to communicate that she has actually always been bald of her own choice.

7 She Can Die In The Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre Villa With Hologram Of Vera Keyes' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Sierra-Madre-Villa.jpg

Most players will probably have gotten one of the good endings of Dead Money where Elijah is either killed or trapped in the vault as punishment for his crimes. If the Courier decided to go a different route, though, it is possible for Christine to perish along with him.

Should the Courier be on bad terms with Christine by the end (due to forcing her into the elevator) and if they fail to talk her out of hunting Elijah for revenge, she becomes hostile and must be killed to progress the story.

6 The Assassin Suit Belonged To Her

Assassin Suit Male And Female' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Assassin-Suit.jpg

In the building Christine is first found in, the Courier can come across one of the best stealth-oriented armor sets in the game. The assassin suit bears a striking resemblance to the Stealth Suit Mk 2 from Old World Blues.

Sure enough, it is revealed that Christine took the assassin suit from the Big Empty when she fled to continue her pursuit of Elijah.

5 She Has Alexia

Christine Royce Wearing Explosive Collar' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Christine-In-Dilapidated-Building.jpg

As a result of her time in the Big Empty and the experiments done on her there, Christine has visible scars across her face and head, but she also has some deeper damage as well. She explains that she finds it difficult to read and words become a mess of symbols in her head rather than letters she can understand.

She mentions math and equations are still possible, though. This description matches alexia, a condition similar to dyslexia where someone has a partial or complete inability to read.

4 Dean Domino Locked Her In The Auto-Doc, Not Elijah

Dean Domino Pre War And Post War Split Image' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Dean-Domino.jpg

Near the end of the DLC, it seems Elijah’s plan becomes clear as he wants to use Christine to access the Sierra Madre vault. Having been given the voice of Vera Keyes – a pre-war stage performer that the casino’s creator, Frederick Sinclair, was in love with – the vault is audio locked and requires Vera’s voice to access.

However, it was actually Dean who locked Christine in the Auto-Doc and set it to replace her vocal cords, as he wanted to get into the vault as well. Having been in love with Keyes himself before the war, the ghoulified Dean saw the heist of the casino’s gold as a way to stick it to Sinclair one last time.

3 She Got Her Scars In The Big Empty

Big Empty Main Building' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Big-Empty-The-Sink.jpg

Upon discovering Christine in the Sierra Madre, it is easy to assume she got her scars inside the Auto-Doc there. She will actually correct the Courier on this point, though, and inform them that these injuries were sustained in the Big Empty, where Christine found herself locked in a separate medical facility.

The machine performed experiments on here there, scarring her in the process. Maybe you should give Auto-Docs a wide berth for a while, Christine.

2 Ulysses Rescued Her

Ulysses Auto-Doc Split Image' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Ulysses-Big-Empty.jpg

If the player explores every nook and cranny of the Big Empty, they will come across a cave named Ulysses’ Point. Inside, there are shelves of food and medicine, as well as several holotapes scattered around. These holotapes were recorded by Christine, before having her voice changed in the Sierra Madre, as she explores the crater on her hunt for Elijah.

After becoming trapped in the medical facility, she is saved by Ulysses (who makes his own appearance in Lonesome Road) and they discuss their philosophies before going their separate ways.

1 Veronica Santangelo Was Her Lover

Veronica Santangelo Speaking To Player' data-img-url='https://static1.thegamerimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Veronica-Santangelo.jpg

Fans of New Vegas are sure to recognize Veronica, who becomes one of the first companions available during the vanilla game. If she is spoken to enough, she explains that Elijah was actually something of a mentor to her before he lost his way. She also explains that he separated her from her lover, something it seems she never really forgave him for.

During Dead Money, Christine will make the same claim and imply that is one of the more personal reasons for agreeing to hunt him down. Though it started as speculation given that it is fairly obvious what the conclusion is, Obsidian have actually confirmed this theory. Sadly, though, due to time constraints and different individuals having creative control over the vanilla companions and the DLC, there is no way to bring the subject up with either of the characters.

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