differnce in cashback between bronze and silver? | 888poker | PokerStrategy com Forum

differnce in cashback between bronze and silver? | 888poker | PokerStrategy.com Forum

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differnce in cashback between bronze and silver? | 888poker | PokerStrategy.com Forum

ok i m really confuse 888 is really giving the cashback? it says 2% cashback till bronze.. for silver u get 4% cashback. by which i understand:

up to bronze :if i pay 1000$ rake i ll get 2000SP.. which is my reward point. so when i want to convert 2000 point i ll get 2% of the 1000$ rake i paid… which is 20$… perfectly ok.

now if i m silver: if i pay 1000$ i ll get the same SP. and same reward point so for 4% of cashback i ll get 40$ when i concert 2000SP.
i m silver on 888 so as they said 4% cashback i shuld get the money as in the example avobe? but its not showing the same it was in bronze or iron or chorom. AM i getting something wrong.. i ll be happy if u correct me … and tell me where is that 2% to 4% cashback really is?

i had a conversation with their dumb support in the cashier live chat.. lemme copy paste it here.. if anybody interested u can read it.. at the end it became really funny.. i can imagine her face .. how desperate was she to cut off the chat cause she couldn’t explain me a single correct shit::

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Belinda’

you: hi belinda

Belinda: Hi , this is Belinda from ; thanks for chatting with me.
I noticed you are in the cashier, let’s get you playing……

Belinda: How are you Tanzirul?

you: my support id: #*#* *####

you: ya i m good

you: :)

Belinda: Thanks

Belinda: Ok great

you: i want to know something about status point can u help?

Belinda: OK

Belinda: Status Points (SPs) are earned for every game or tournament you play.

Belinda: Bonus Points (BPs) are used to clear your pending bonuses. BPs are accumulated only if you have an active pending bonus; check your bonuses in the ‘Get Rewards’ page in the Cashier.

Belinda: You can earn FPPs and BPs by:

Belinda: Playing in poker ring games -earn 2 SPs + 2 BPs (if applicable) for every $1 of your contributed rake.*

Belinda: Playing poker tournaments -earn 2 SPs + 2 BPs (if applicable) for every $1 of tournament fee.

Belinda: Playing casino games (from your poker account) -earn 1 SP + 1 BP (if applicable) for every $16 wagered in the casino.

you: ok in ur website it says 2% cashback till bronze

you: and 4% for silver

you: so i have 2778 reward point now

you: so i m silver

you: i paid 1389$ rake for that?

Belinda: no

you: as u said 1$ rake for 2sp?

Belinda: http://www.888poker.com/poker-promotions/comp-points.htm

Belinda: You can redeem $10 for every 1000 Reward Points you have.

you: ok so wats the difference between bronze and silver status?

you: http://www.888poker.com/rewards/statuses-overview.htm

you: u can see here cashback is 2% for bronze and 4% for silver

you: whats that mean?

you: where m i getting that 4%?

you: r u there?

Belinda: Yes

you: u got my question?

Belinda: Yes but it is not distributed that way

you: i dont get it!

you: why u wrote 4% i can see its still 2% cashback for being silver

you: by cashback u mean converting reward points?

Belinda: Do you mind holding for one moment, please?

you: sure :)
i ll wait .. take ur time

Belinda: Ok The percentages means that as you accumulate more and more points your status changes and you gain access to freerolls and win points

you: its gonna increase at the same rate if i m iron or crome or watever

you: and i m not getting cashback with more freerolls!

Belinda: No as the points increases you gain more and more access to more freeroll and winning more points

you: more freeroll is not part of cashback

Belinda: Yes it is

Belinda: $100 Daily Iron Freeroll, $ 200 Daily Chrome Freeroll etc

you: if i dont win anything from freeroll! how is it cash back

Belinda: No cash back but points added

you: just tell me if 100$ rake how much point i will get for bronze? and how much if i m silver

you: give the xample i ll understan :)

Belinda: 100 points once you maintain the points needed

you: for 100$ rake i ll get 200sp if i m bronze i know that

you: bt for silver will i get 400 sp for 100$ rake?

you: i need the math :)
i m not convinced with just words..

Belinda: 100 points for Bronze

you: i m not asking how much point i need to get bronze

Belinda: No that is the amount you will win Tanzirul

you: ok and if i m silver.. how much point for for 100$ rake?

Belinda: Example: If you bet $25 into a $100 pot (25%) and a $4.00 rake is taken from the table, you contributed $1.00 of rake (25%), which earns you 2 SPs and 2 BPs (if applicable).

Belinda: Thank you for chatting with me, Is there anything that I can assist you with further?

you: lemme get it

you: u r answering something else

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